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​Michio Toda (6th Dan)

Representative (General Incorporated Association International Karatedo Federation Kyokushin Federation
​           Director of the federation)
Certified Referee License International H


April 1972

April 1986

March 1993

April 1993

March 1999 

July 2008

March 2010

May 2012

April 2013

December 2013

January 2020

Matsuyama University of Commerce (now Matsuyama University)

Introduction to the Former Ehime Branch

2nd Dan Acquisition

Ehime Prefectural Police Kyokushin Karate Club formed

Acquisition of 3rd Dan

4th dan

Appointed Chief of Ozu Police Station

International Karatedo Federation Kyokushin Kaikan Established Toda Dojo in Ehime Prefecture

Appointed NTT West Counselor

5th dan

Acquisition of 6th dan

Former Ehime Prefectural Police Headquarters Criminal Division Counselor
Goju-ryu Prefectural Tournament Champion
National Kumite General Category Runner-up 
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