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*The event schedule will be posted sequentially.

*Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

​Annual event schedule for 2023

March 19th (Sun) Promotion examination @ Tobe Town Yutori Park Budojo


January15th (Sun) 1st Open Tournament All Japan Kyokushin Karate Championship

February 26th (Sun) Day Trip Winter Training Camp @ Tobe Town Yutori Park Martial Arts Hall

April 10th (Sun) 5th Kyokushin Rengokai World Karatedo Championship Tournament @ Yokohama Budokan

     Sunday 23rd Reiwa 5th Grade Exam @Tobe Town Yutori Park Martial Arts Hall


in May  ​  27th (Sat) Ehime Mandarin Pirates Support Demonstration @ Botchan Stadium 

June 24th (Saturday)) The 28th All Japan Boys and Girls Karate Championship Grand Champion Decision Match​

  25th (Sun) 39th Open Tournament Weight System All Japan Karate Championships @ Osaka Edion Hall

July 16th (Sun) Promotion examination @ Ehime Prefecture Budokan Judo Hall


September 23rd and 24th (Saturday and Sunday) Autumn Camp @ Ozu Youth Exchange House

October 9th (Mon./Holiday) 10th Open Tournament Shikoku Karate Championship Tournament @ Ehime Prefecture Budokan Main Dojo



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