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Martial arts education, social contribution

Kyokushin Kaikan Ehime Prefecture Toda Dojo was established with the aim of spreading Kyokushin Karate, which was created by the late Masutatsu Oyama, as part of martial arts education.


At our dojo, we also teach the Ehime Prefectural Police Kyokushin Karate Club and the Ozu Boys' Karate Class, and many of our dojo students work as police officers and firefighters to protect the safety of citizens.


In addition, many dojo students who have studied at our dojo aim to become police officers and firefighters, and have become police officers and firefighters.


​Matsuyama City, Niihama City, Saijo City, Imabari City, Ozu City,Seiyo CityThere is a dojo in Both men and women, from children to adults, practice karate together.



We, Kyokushinkaikan Ehime Toda Dojo, will be holding an international seminar

in the spring of 2024.


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boy club

The purpose of the boys' club is to develop strong children who can do anything on their own through practice, and to develop strong minds that do not tolerate bullying and do not yield to bullying.


middle age

In order to embody the dojo motto, "Fulfill the path of kyokushin, through lifelong training in karate." I'm here.

General Division / Women's Division

In the general and women's divisions, those who pursue strength are instructed in strengthening exercises, etc., and those who aim to maintain health and relieve stress are given a menu that can be done without difficulty, and instruction is tailored to the individual. going.

Kyokushin Kaikan Ehime Prefecture Toda Dojo Branch List





Ehime Prefectural Police Kyokushin Karate Club


 Matsuyama Shiomi Headquarters


【address】 169-5 Gaya-cho, Matsuyama

(South side of Yutoria Onsen)


[Rehearsal time]

◆ Monday

Combined youth division and general division

7:00pm to 8:30pm

◆ Wednesday

Boys & Adults Joint  

7:00pm to 8:30pm 


Combined youth division and general division

6:30pm to 8:00pm​


​ Kyokushin Kaikan Ehime Prefecture Toda Dojo bulletin​~The Road to Kyokushin~


​Kyokushin Karate Spreading Around the World​ Overseas organization chart

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